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                                               Taian Companion Machinery Co.,Ltd, subsidiary of Shandong Companion Group, Taian Companion Machinery Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in developing and manufacturing intelligent high-end printing and dyeing equipment、finishing equipment and automatic logistics equipment.
                                             The company now has National provincial research and development institutions such as national-recognized enterprise technology center、international cooperation base of digital textile dyeing and finishing equipment 、Shandong digital technology industrial design center of dyeing and finishing equipment、 Shandong digital textile international cooperation center between China and Netherlands 、the first batch of academician workstation in Shandong province , all the above which?enable?us have the leading position of the research and development strength in the?industry in china .With horizontal machining centers, CNC laser cutting machines and other advanced production and test equipments more than 200 sets of mechanical design and manufacturing capabilities with industry-leading level. Successively completed the national "863" plan、science and technology support program、international technology cooperation plan、the national key new products and other national provincial scientific research projects. Our company has won two first prize award of the China textile industry association of science and technology progress and was rated as China textile industrial joint development contribution award enterprise.
                                              Companion have three series and more than 30 varieties of printing ,dyeing and finishing equipment, in which, the two products have reached  the international leading level, the rest products have reached the international advanced level.
                                             Intelligent dyeing series equipment: complete sets of production lines for fully automatic cheese dyeing, among this production line, our company has deep technical cooperation with the Vanwyk system B.V in Netherlands for the automatic powder dispense machine, automatic powder dissolve machine and automatic liquid and chemical distribution machine. Simple type powder dispense machine, semi-automatic powder dispense machine, liquid chemical dispense machine, full (semi) automatic dehydrator, microwave drying machine, automatic chemical (in powder) distribute system with liquid metering , automatic size mixing machine etc.
                                              Automatic logistics equipment: loading and unloading robot, automatic logistic transportation line,etc.
                                              Series digitization textile finishing equipments: multi-function finishing machine, double-sided wet brush machine, three-roll padder, double cylinder raising machine, decatizing machine, wool tops rewash machine, pretreatment bleaching machine for knitted fabric etc.
                                             The products of Companion machinery with its high starting point of professional technology, high performance, high quality to provide automatical solutions and equipment for dyeing and finishing industry. Companion positive construct technology innovation ability and manufacturing ability of the enterprise, to strengthen depth cooperation with college and enterprise both at home and abroad , like working with China Academy of Machinery Science & technology, Shandong university, DHU, Qingdao university, Vanwyk systems B.V. etc. Relying on their technical advantages, integration advantages of resources, establish companion machinery research institute, promote professional technology level, accelerate the pace of product structure adjustment and upgrade, actively provide automation equipment with international advanced level for customers .
                                              As the innovator of printing and dyeing automation solutions, companion machinery with the courage and determination of "reform challenges crisis, innovation wins the development" will become a "high-end automation equipment manufacturing paradigm"and will be the most distinctive industrial technology transfer and industrialization base of dyeing and finishing equipment.

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